Roan @ the Gates

by Christina Gorman

Produced by Luna Stage
January 31 - February 24, 2019
World Premiere

How far would you go to do the right thing? Against a backdrop of Cambridge Analytica and fake news, Roan at the Gates is a fictional investigation into cyber-security inspired by the shadowy figure of Edward Snowden's girlfriend. Roan, an NSA Analyst, isn't even allowed to tell her wife the location of her next business trip. When her personal life collides with national security, it launches launches a beautiful and high-stakes adventure that illuminates the cost of secrecy.

Photos by Jody Christopherson. Set design by Christopher and Justin Swader. Costume design by Deborah Caney. Lighting design by Marika Kent.

"…a tight, well-acted morality play about whistleblowing and its implications…Less is more for director Michelle Tattenbaum who gets the most from the strong acting and chemistry between Roan and Nat."
Baristanet, February 6, 2019

"The two-hander is adeptly directed by Michelle Tattenbaum…This captivating show portrays the moral, professional and personal dilemmas that a whistleblower faces.  Aaliyah Habeeb as Nat and Mel House as Roan capture the drama, mystery, tension, and romance of Roan @ The Gates. The actors deftly depict a loving relationship, one that is in the throws of great stress.
Broadway World, February 6, 2019

"My cyber Valentine, sweet worldwide Valentine–Luna Stage’s latest production, the world premiere of “Roan @ The Gates,” by Christina Gorman, is going to give you chills—those deep chills that start in the center of your being and vibrate out like ripples from a pebble thrown hard into a stream…Michelle Tattenbaum’s direction makes this intense one-act-length modern tale, which has no happy ending, come home with vibrant life…a scary little jewel of a production…"
QonStage, February 10, 2019

"… full of urgency and intrigue… packs global intrigue, romantic angst, and intersectional identity politics effectively into its brief runtime… This is a play with big ideas about identity, love, and the strength of one’s moral conviction, important questions that “Roan @ The Gates” explores with conviction…", February 12, 2019

"Director Michelle Tattenbaum keeps a tight rein on the dramatic proceedings to produce a riveting, engrossing study of a relationship about to go off the rails for the sake of national security…the actors move effortlessly though scenes that range from Alexandriia, Virginia, to a Moscow airport and to a safe house…One ingenious bit of staging has the couple sending each other emails, speaking the words as they "type."
News-Record, February 21, 2019