Nobody Loves You music by Gaby Alter, lyrics by Gaby Alter and Itamar Moses, book by Itamar Moses, Second Stage Theatre, New York, NY.
"...this agreeably snarky musical...hurls darts at its soft target with impressive aim, nimbly spoofing a subject you’d think would be spoof-proof — thus defeating odds tougher than your chances of landing a spot on “The Amazing Race.”"
Critics Pick
The New York Times, July 19th, 2013
"...[this] high-torque pop musical about the triumphant vulgarity of TV love competitions is…genuinely funny, thanks to abundant wit from book-writer-and-lyricist Itamar Moses… crisp direction from Michelle Tattenbaum (whom we'll be seeing more of around town, I predict), and an airtight ensemble of regulars, up-and-comers and lesser-knowns, all of them united in a common goal: To surprise and delight in the here and now, not just frack dry wells for residual amusement."
New York Magazine, July 20th, 2013
"Michelle Tattenbaum...wraps the show up in spare but gleaming style."
New York Daily News, July 19th, 2013
"...the wonderful new pop musical “Nobody Loves You” takes on that most ridiculous of genres in a way that’s both silly and smart...Energetically directed by Michelle Tattenbaum…the show is an upbeat funfest."
New York Post, July 19th, 2013
"...cheeky and highly crushable..."
Critics Pick, 4 stars
TimeOut New York, July 19th, 2013
"...a bright, clued-in, quick-witted amusement...thanks to the sly book and lyrics by Itamar Moses, the music and lyrics by Gaby Alter and a knowing cast directed with just the right appreciation of the absurd by Michelle Tattenbaum."
New York Newsday, July 19th, 2013
" of the smartest accounts of love among the post-grad set...Michelle Tattenbaum’s production (with calisthenic choreography by Mandy Moore) is lively, congenially put across by a very game cast..."
Bloomberg, July 19th, 2013
… "...the smartest new musical comedy to come along since "The Drowsy Chaperone."...Michelle Tattenbaum's staging plugs into the characters' feelings without bogging down in sentiment. The eight-person cast contains nary a weak link...a pithy, intimate romp..."Nobody Loves You" deserves to run and run and run."
The Wall Street Journal, July 26th, 2013

Nobody Loves You music by Gaby Alter, lyrics by Gaby Alter and Itamar Moses, book by Itamar Moses, The Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA.
"Best New Musical 2012
"This one's an easy call: "Nobody Loves You," a concise, compact reality-TV spoof by Gaby Alter and Itamar Moses that's part open-hearted rom-com, part dead-on satire. By all rights it should have gone straight from San Diego's Old Globe to an off-Broadway theater. The sooner "Nobody Loves You" gets here, the better."
The Wall Street Journal, December 27, 2012
""Nobody Loves You,” a delightful chamber musical having its premiere here at the Old Globe Theater, confounds expectations with its verve and ingenuity in poking silly fun at the absurdities of the crass, malice-riddled and embarrassingly addictive shows in which common folk are given a chance to grab the fleeting celebrity spotlight and win love, money or, best of all, a spinoff...Under the peppy direction of Michelle Tattenbaum, the cast embodies the pop stereotypes they are asked to portray with winning gusto."
The New York Times, June 9, 2012
"The Old Globe's smart, tuneful "Nobody Loves You" skewers a crackpot TV dating competition without losing sight of the genuinely yearning, burning hearts on either side of the small screen. Delighted audiences in San Diego, and surely elsewhere for years to come, will eagerly hand everyone involved a rose...The flawless ensemble...demonstrates boundless charm within helmer Michelle Tattenbaum's droll, understated style."
Variety, May 20, 2012
""Nobody Loves You," in which a geeky philosophy major (Adam Kantor) auditions for a "Survivor"-style reality TV show to make his ex jealous, could transfer to New York pretty much intact…the production, directed by Michelle Tattenbaum and choreographed by Mandy Moore, is as crisp and smart as the show itself. Everyone in the cast is immensely likable and impeccably accomplished… it has the smell of a hit."
Wall Street Journal, June 1, 2012
"Moses' book is filled with deliciously snarky insider humor about the unreality of reality TV, the psychological characteristics that compel seemingly intelligent people to compete for artificial on-camera romance, and the shallowness and greed that drives the production of these sleazy (but addictive) shows.
And yet, as sharp as this satire may be, there's an unexpected current of sweetness flowing underneath. True love can blossom in the unlikeliest of places, the producer and host may be manipulative but they're not evil, and the TV show's fans are entertained and even empowered by what they see. It's a delicate balance, but it works thanks to the smart, playful direction of Michelle Tattenbaum and the hilarious hyper-corny choreography of Mandy Moore."
North County Times, Critics Pick, May 18, 2012
"Despite the fact that you will never see or hear me engaged in a conversation about a reality TV show, (I just don’t watch them) doesn’t negate the fact that I love a good laugh. Go ahead and ‘make my day’. Both Itamar and Alter and friend, the third leg of the dynamic trio, director Michelle Tattenbaum, manage to create some very funny dialogue and hilarious stage pictures."
San Diego Jewish Journal, May 20, 2012
"Director Michelle Tattenbaum has staged several of Mr. Moses' plays, and she knows how to put his humor across, as well as how to create small moments that add greatly to the overall effect...This almost-perfect 90-minute musical deserves to be enjoyed well beyond its world premiere.", May 21, 2012
"Those who don’t care for reality TV shows, as well as those who are hooked on them, will thoroughly enjoy the spoof “Nobody Loves You,” a fun, hip musical premiering in the Globe Theatre’s Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre...Michelle Tattenbaum’s direction assures a funny romantic romp that provides a great night of entertainment."
La Jolla Light, May 25, 2012
"Director Michelle Tattenbaum and choreographer Mandy Moore keep the show perky...The musical's...entertaining and often funniest where you least expect it."
San Diego Reader, May 20, 2012
"[Michelle Tattenbaum's] direction is subtle and helps make each character seem more than just a stereotype, which serves to underscore just how crazy all of the over-the-top everything else in the “reality” show truly is."
Broadway World, May 25, 2012
"Everything about this play works. The cast is brilliant...Michelle Tattenbaum’s direction melds this ensemble of often over-the-top characters into a comedy machine and even finds room for poignant touches. The set, including drop-down cameras, evokes a sound stage but does just fine as various living rooms.
Have you ever watched television and laughed so hard you missed some of the dialogue? Just remember, there’s no TiVo in theater.", May 22, 2012
"Moses and his collaborators have found their way to an engaging and entertaining show. The excellent cast sings, dances and acts well, the songs are clever and the under-the-stage band is fine."
San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, May 19, 2012
"[T]he world-premiere production still gets a lot of good laughs out of its clueless characters and gleefully over-the-top songs...the trip it takes to the most ridiculous fringes of reality-land can be a blast to witness...Director Michelle Tattenbaum could teach TiVo a thing or two about time-shifting: She does a deft job of transitioning between live action on the set of “NLY” and scenes that take place outside the show, often involving people watching the program weeks after taping."
San Diego Union-Tribune, May 21, 2012

Feature articles on the Old Globe production have appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune, "A Musical Reality Check"; La Jolla Light "It’s reality TV vs. romantic comedy in The Globes’ Nobody Loves You"; the San Diego Jewish Journal, "Create a Musical"; and the North County Times "Globe, Playwright Team for Third Premiere with Musical Nobody Loves You".

Student Body by Frank Winters, The Flea Theater, New York, NY.
"provocative...involving...under Michelle Tattenbaum’s direction, there is truthfulness to the group dynamics..."
New York Times, October 23rd, 2015
"...compelling drama, directed by Michelle Tattenbaum... keeping the focus on the difficult ethical questions, not on teary confessions of knowledge or guilt. After all, if nailing one culprit solved much, it wouldn't make for such interesting drama."
The Village Voice, October 13th, 2015
“The Bats handle this dense, dramatic material gracefully…The set (of an unfinished set) uses the small space well, allowing the actors to play with lots of spatial possibilities. Director Michelle Tattenbaum takes good advantage of this by never letting the play become physically stagnant…Student Body left me appropriately unsettled…it is undoubtedly successful”
Theater is Easy, October 13th, 2015
“The play showcases striking writing by Winters; fine, precise direction from Michelle Tattenbaum; and a number of strong, mature performances from members of the Bats… Student Body does more than just deploy a contemporary issue to theatrical effect—it makes you think carefully about systematic inadequacies and asks you to question, if not necessarily change, your own attitudes. That it can leave you feeling angry, frustrated, and exhausted after only an hour speaks to its success, making it a timely contribution to an important dialogue. And uncomfortable though that dialogue may be, the play makes a compelling case that it's vital we press through to keep talking.”
CurtainUp, October 12th, 2015
“Michelle Tattenbaum’s direction was simple yet effective. The set created by Jerad Schomer was a work in progress set of wood and construction tools for a school play. But in the middle of the stage was a scenic piece that allowed a divide. As on point as it may be, Tattenbaum’s game of take a side was striking. She staged the play in a way that once you discovered the rules of the debate, playing with the extremes of the space and the ability to be or not be seen, it allowed the story to come alive in a new way. What could merely be an acting exercise provided something noteworthy…Student Body is something so fascinating that it may intrigue you to attend a second time just to key into individual performances with the knowledge of what will happen. The discussion of campus rape cases is sadly a topic that will not see an ending anytime soon so this psychological drama could not have arrived at a more perfect time.”
Theater In the Now, October 12th, 2015
“This play is powerfully directed by Michelle Tattenbaum and wonderfully acted by the members of The Bats.”
Times Square Chronicles, October 12th, 2015
“It’s hard to imagine a play better suited to the demography of the Bats, the Flea’s resident actors, or the space in which they play and lounge and bang to Michelle Tattenbaum’s lived-in staging…Pared down to perfection, this pressure cooker is a prudent pick for colleges looking for something edgy on a budget.”
StageBuddy, October 12th, 2015

Mother Jones and the Children's Crusade by Cheryl Kemeny, The New York Musical Theatre Festival, New York, NY.
"Directed by Michelle Tattenbaum and featuring stunning scenic design by Scott Tedmon-Jones, Mother Jones and the Children’s Crusade might be the one show at the festival that demands an instant Broadway transfer. Its ideas are too grand and beautiful, for them not to be seen by as many audience members as possible, its performances (from the smallest supporting parts - Robin de Jesus proves why he’s the go-to scene-stealer - to Wintersteller’s star turn) both universal and specific.", July 25th, 2014
"They are a strong and, yet, still graceful ensemble, and they handle the politics in the musical with a light hand. There are some winning moments, particularly as they organize before setting out to meet with President Teddy Roosevelt. The fine performances are directed by Michelle Tattenbaum...The music from the show explodes in march songs and bold ensemble numbers..."
Theater Pizzazz, July 24th, 2014
"...thoroughly polished...a dream given form...incisive —and exhilarating..."
Talkin' Broadway, July 24th, 2014
"The production overall, directed by Michelle Tattenbaum, treads lightly on its somber subject matter...Lynne Wintersteller lends a powerful presence and strong voice to her title character...", July 22nd, 2014

Love/Stories (Or, But You Will Get Used To It) by Itamar Moses, The Flea Theater, New York, NY.
"Itamar Moses…has given the cast fine material with which to showcase its abilities: some accents, a few mood swings, a little crying and lots of laugh lines that require perfect comic timing....Under Michelle Tattenbaum’s direction…deliciously understated."
The New York Times, February 24th, 2009
"…the final word on the writer's five-play mini-marathon is that it's a hell of a lot of fun…this is the perfect forum for Moses' theatrical instincts, especially as realized by Michelle Tattenbaum..."
Variety, February 16th, 2009
"Michelle Tattenbaum, who has staged several of Mr. Moses' plays but whose work is new to me, has done a terrific job with "Love/Stories," whose postmodern prestidigitation poses some formidable directorial challenges."
Wall Street Journal, February 20th, 2009
"...skillfully and creatively directed by Michelle Tattenbaum...There's something innately relatable within these plays—starring the Flea's resident company, the Bats (Felipe Bonilla, Laurel Holland, Maren Langdon, Michael Micalizzi, and John Russo in this production, all doing bang-up work)...", February 15, 2009
"...these thematically connected playlets showcase the expert comic talents of five of the Flea's resident acting company, the Bats…The connection between the plays is forged by Michelle Tattenbaum's polished direction…these attractive young actors easily wrest every drop of humor and meaningful subtext from their characters...", February 17, 2009
"All the actors belong to the Bats, the Flea's in-house ensemble, so they're used to keeping character in check with the audience so near. I'm always fascinated by them, and these performers are especially loose and lovely. Also nice is Tattenbaum's work, which allows the plays to breathe."
Backstage, February 16, 2009
“Under Michelle Tattenbaum's deft direction, the playlets -- all enacted by five actors – are...thought-provoking and emotionally resonant.”, February 18, 2009
" of the smartest comedies theatergoers will find on stage in New York this winter...a marvel of physical and verbal timing that's been expertly choreographed by director Michelle Tattenbaum."
American Theater Web, February 17, 2009
"Working with the Bats, Michelle Tattenbaum, who has previously directed at least five plays by Itamar Moses, has staged each of these one-acts as taut, engrossing theatrical teasers and obtained trenchant performances from her company of five.", February 17, 2009
"expert direction by Michelle Tattenbaum...Tattenbaum’s attention to detail here is evident, orchestrating the actors like a Maestro, giving the skilled cast a chance to really play with each line and never allowing an unfinished thought to be empty. Not only is she specific with her direction of words, but she also creates a great flow and fluid use of the physical space. Fabricating depth out of the narrow playing space, she stages actors at a desk right up against the audience, uses every doorway, and plays every plane. With the help of great light (Joe Chapman) and set design (Jerad Schomer), she manages to isolate focus to certain areas of the stage one moment at a time, as if we the audience are flipping through the pages of a book of short stories and choose to stop at this one, or that one, because a word pops out at us.", February 19, 2009
The Four of Us by Itamar Moses, Firefly Theater and VS. Theatre at the Elephant Theatre, Los Angeles, CA.
Check out a feature article about the production and about Itamar's work in the Los Angeles Times. A pdf of the article can be found here.
"clever, surprising...scenes shift seamlessly between the past and the present...Michelle Tattenbaum's deft direction...brings out the humanity in her actors..."
LA Weekly, September 18, 2008
"The direction by Michelle Tattenbaum is taut and fast paced. More importantly she keeps the proceedings real.", September 24, 2008
"...action is often well observed. Humorous truth can make small moments ping...blur[s] the boundary between art and life, leaving us always a little doubtful about what we're viewing. The effect is thematically ingenious..."
Los Angeles Times, September 19, 2008
"Under the assured guidance of director Michelle Tattenbaum, this quirky two-hander becomes a fine vehicle for actors Ryan Johnston and Steven Klein, who share a terrific chemistry...Tattenbaum keeps the pace crisp and the time juxtapositions crystal-clear."
Backstage, September 25, 2008

Best Actor, Steven Klein (Entertainment Today, Ticketholder Award)
Best Actor - Runner Up, Ryan Johnston (Entertainment Today, Ticketholder Award)
2008 Maddy Awards for Excellence in Theater for Acting for Steven Klein and Ryan Johnston

Dov and Ali by Anna Ziegler, Chester Theatre, Chester, MA.
"Zeigler's undeniable talent makes the characters and their odysseys totally compelling – especially under Michelle Tattenbaum's seamless direction...Dov and Ali, CTC's radiant 20th Anniversary Season opener proves at the very least a thoughtful starting point for a real dialogue about religion, faith and individual choice, and that is all to the good."
The Jewish Advocate, July 10, 2009
"Though Dov and Ali fits the genre of discussion play, this is no wordy Shavian treatise but a tightly constructed play, Ziegler has imbued the discussion with warmth and impressive dramatic flair...Michelle Tattenbaum's visual presentation of the play's various locations...was simple and effective."
CurtainUp, July 12, 2009
"...Very well acted by the accomplished cast under Michelle Tattenbaum's well- focused direction. Commendations are most certainly due."
PMP Network
"The results of Director Michelle Tattenbaum and Set Designer Sean A. Cote partnership are exemplary. The four well-cast actors move naturally on a small stage that morphs seamlessly from venue to venue."
In The Spotlight, July 8, 2009
"Michelle Tattenbaum's sharp direction of her four performers..."
Valley Advocate, July 9, 2009

The Sublet Experiment by Ethan Youngerman, New York, NY.
"The Sublet Experiment is a play that taps into the thrills of theater's psychological voyeurism..."
New York Times, December 29, 2006
New York Magazine critics' pick

"The Sublet Experiment is a total success. Youngerman and director Michelle Tattenbaum have mounted a production that is thematically and artistically satisfying, and a whole lot of fun to boot...the viewer can truly feel the change in the air.", December 6, 2006
"Ethan Youngerman's The Sublet Experiment is truly inventive and thrilling....Michelle Tattenbaum directed this tight ensemble in a tight space with an incredible intricate aplomb...Find out where this is's brilliant. GO-O-O!" HI! DRAMA
Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Friday January 26, 2007
"Cleverly written and unaffectedly acted, The Sublet Experiment is modern and apropos, and manages to put a new spin on the tired, but ever-present, quest for identity. Plus, you can laugh, cry and check out real estate all at the same time."
NY Press, December 6, 2006

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley. Yolo! Productions at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, New York, NY.
"Micalizzi and Otero are electric as the duo who transition from strangers to the only two people in the world who know each other best. Director Michelle Tattenbaum elicits such raw performances from her cast, you’d think you were actually a fly on the wall in some dive bar.", October 14, 2014
"Michael Micalizzi and Nairoby Otero (as Danny and Roberta) are capable actors who elicited sympathy and understanding for often unsympathetic characters. Michelle Tattenbaum’s direction made effective, unobtrusive use of silence and timing.", November 12, 2014
"This short play is now being simply and splendidly revived by YOLO! Productions at the Nuyorican Poets Café...Director Michelle Tattenbaum has perfectly staged all of the action, and her collaboration with the actors is inspiringly apparent from their deeply rich performances.", October 25, 2014

Szinhaz by Itamar Moses. Naked Angels, New York, NY.
"...the pain of the deteriorating relationship at the center of Itamar Moses's funny, touching Szinhaz, which begins as sketch comedy...and arrives at an unsettling place...a reminder that the rending of intimate life is still among the most terrifying kinds of disintegration."
The New York Times, April 18, 2007
"The best...[is] Itamar Moses' deeply silly Szinhaz...Michelle Tattenbaum directs the pregnant silences beautifully."
Backstage, April 18, 2007

Fucked by Itamar Moses. The Flea Theater, New York, NY.
"Itamar Moses' "Fucked" wisely tightens the focus to two…Actors Jessica Pohly and Dorien Makhloghi give this short, insightful scene plenty of passion and subtext."
Backstage, December 10, 2009
"The best of the bunch are Eno's "Unum"…and Moses' "F---ed," about how relationships are affected as much by money issues as by love."
New York Post, December 16, 2009
"Itamar Moses' "Fucked"…proves to be the evening's most successful and entertaining …Under Michelle Tattenbaum's direction, both performers adeptly delineate the emotional levels of the scene.", December 11, 2009
"clever little naturalistic drama"
Variety, December 10, 2009

Sunday on the Rocks By Theresa Rebeck. Yolo! Productions, New York, NY.
"Much credit should be given to the director, Michelle Tattenbaum, who seamlessly stages and draws complex, honest relationships between the four women."
The Examiner, June 20, 2011
"...goes down as smoothly as a single malt scotch. And hits just as hard...under Michelle Tattenbaum’s skillful directing."
Women Around Town, June 21, 2011

Untitled Short Play By Itamar Moses. Naked Angels, New York, NY.
" incredibly clever piece of meta-theatre... it manages...pathos, honesty and the kind of nimble wordplay that holds your attention."
The New York Times, March 1, 2006

'Til Sunday by Nairoby Otero. Loeber Entertainment at the Abingdon Theater Arts Complex, New York, NY.
"Otero delivers convincing performances in her portrayal of three characters: the young girl, her mother, and a man named Pepe from the local neighborhood who plays dominos religiously and can’t stop talking about Cuban and American politics."
New York Daily News, February 27, 2008
"…a charming…sepia-toned look back…the portrait is created with immense tenderness…this woman's early moments in the country…are truly compelling, as are this woman's weekly, and increasingly frustrated, phone calls home to her husband…", February 26, 2008

Guyler Beguiled by Hugh Murtaugh. The Maverick Theatre, New York, NY.
"Guyler Beguiled takes [an] off-the-wall situation in a sophisticated direction, with a darkly humorous edge...beautiful, witty...humor and insight...well-performed."
Backstage, September 27, 2002

The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window by Lorraine Hansberry. Women's Theatre Company, NJ.
"a potent production...enough moments to keep a theatergoer mesmerized..effectively subtle"
The Star Ledger, March 23, 2005
"...still packs a punch. Witness the rare and welcome revival by the Women's Theatre Company...Is it worth the time and effort? Yes, yes, yes...the climax is powerful, as are most of the preceding scenes...makes you laugh, then breaks your heart."
The Daily Record, April 1, 2005
"...a lively and engrossing evening in the theatre...Michelle Tattenbaum has directed at a brisk, lively pace (a must for this discursive play), eliciting straightforward, naturalistic performances from a solid cast...Hansberry's play crackles...a charming and involving period piece...", April 5, 2005

Little Shop of Horrors by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken. New London Barn Playhouse, New London, NH.
"an unforgettable not to miss"
The Argus Champion, June 27, 2007
"beautiful artistry and an outstanding performance...truly a work of art...hilarious performances"
InterTown Record, June 27, 2007

Cats Lyrics by T.S. Eliot and Andrew Lloyd Weber. New London Barn Playhouse, New London, NH.
"...balance[s] humor with pathos to elicit a genuine emotional response... whether it is awe, laughter, or tears...the...production is top quality"
The Eagle Times, August 9, 2007
"See it! Even if you've seen Cats ten times, see it again...I cannot think of a production in recent history where I've been in such awe..."
The Argus-Champion, August 15, 2007

The Secret Garden by Marsha Norman and Lucy Simon. New London Barn Playhouse, New London, NH.
"The Secret Garden is fabulous! Not one detail would I change...This show is superb... the transformation from dark to light is amazing. I was completely entranced. The play ended, and I found myself wishing for more, not wanting to leave.... This is one not to miss!"
WNTK, August 2, 2006

Educating Rita by Willy Russell . New London Barn Playhouse, New London NH.
"...stellar eye-arresting set design..."
The Argus-Champion, June 22, 2005

Baby by: Sybille Pearson, Richard Maltby, Jr. and David Shire. New London Barn Playhouse, New London, NH.
"...polished ease...[has] the audience laughing...Michelle Tattenbaum...has the cast moving smoothly from scene to scene, with script and song blending into an ending that accepts the wonder of birth."
The Argus-Champion, July 6, 2005

The Miss Firecracker Contest by Beth Henley. Clinton Area Showboat Theatre, Clinton IA.
"...bittersweet comedy...wonderfully poignant...a raw emotional honesty...Here's the measure of [this production's] success: by the time love and hope have changed the lives of these characters, the ridiculous has become the sublime, and both laughter and tears accompany the curtain call."
The Quad-City Times, June 21, 2004

Laughing All the Way From the Sperm Bank by Emma Tattenbaum-Fine. The New York International Fringe Festival, New York, NY.
"...funny show well worth watching...Tattenbaum-Fine does have excellent comic timing and even some of the sillier or punnier jokes in the show are sold by her excellent delivery, but more to the credit of her crisp, clear writing...a new comic voice.", August 2004

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