The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window

by Lorraine Hansberry

Women's Theatre Company, NJ
March - April 2005

"a potent production...enough moments to keep a theatergoer mesmerized..effectively subtle"
The Star Ledger, March 23, 2005

"...still packs a punch. Witness the rare and welcome revival by the Women's Theatre Company...Is it worth the time and effort? Yes, yes, yes...the climax is powerful, as are most of the preceding scenes...makes you laugh, then breaks your heart."
The Daily Record, April 1, 2005

"...a lively and engrossing evening in the theatre...Michelle Tattenbaum has directed at a brisk, lively pace (a must for this discursive play), eliciting straightforward, naturalistic performances from a solid cast...Hansberry's play crackles...a charming and involving period piece...", April 5, 2005


By Stephen Temperley

the Women's Theater Company, NJ
May - June, 2008

The Tale of the Allergist's Wife

By Charles Busch

Produced by the New London Barn Playhouse
August, 2006

Photos by Tom Theall

Educating Rita

by Willy Russell

New London Barn Playhouse, New London NH
June 2005

Photos by Tom Theall

"...stellar eye-arresting set design..."
The Argus-Champion, June 22, 2005

The Miss Firecracker Contest

by Beth Henley

Clinton Area Showboat Theatre, Clinton IA
June 2004

Photos by Jay Berkow

"...bittersweet comedy...wonderfully poignant...a raw emotional honesty...Here's the measure of [this production's] success: by the time love and hope have changed the lives of these characters, the ridiculous has become the sublime, and both laughter and tears accompany the curtain call."
The Quad-City Times, June 21, 2004


By Arthur Schnitzler

Produced by the Hangar Theatre Lab Company
June, 2003

Photos by Tom Hoebbel