Dov and Ali

by Anna Ziegler

New England Premiere, produced by the Chester Theatre Company, Chester, MA
July 2009

Photos by Rick Teller, Lighting Design by Jill Nagle, Costume Design by Heather Crocker Aulenbach, Set Design by Sean Cote.

"Zeigler's undeniable talent makes the characters and their odysseys totally compelling – especially under Michelle Tattenbaum's seamless direction...Dov and Ali, CTC's radiant 20th Anniversary Season opener proves at the very least a thoughtful starting point for a real dialogue about religion, faith and individual choice, and that is all to the good."

The Jewish Advocate, July 10, 2009

"Though Dov and Ali fits the genre of discussion play, this is no wordy Shavian treatise but a tightly constructed play, Ziegler has imbued the discussion with warmth and impressive dramatic flair...Michelle Tattenbaum's visual presentation of the play's various locations...was simple and effective."
CurtainUp, July 12, 2009

"...Very well acted by the accomplished cast under Michelle Tattenbaum's well- focused direction. Commendations are most certainly due."
PMP Network

"The results of Director Michelle Tattenbaum and Set Designer Sean A. Cote partnership are exemplary. The four well-cast actors move naturally on a small stage that morphs seamlessly from venue to venue."
In The Spotlight, July 8, 2009

"Michelle Tattenbaum's sharp direction of her four performers..."
Valley Advocate, July 9, 2009, Jill